The CW is hoping that a prospective vampire series doesn't suck.

The green network has given the green light to pilots for "Vampire Diaries" and "Body Politic," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Vampire Diaries" will be based on Alloy's novels that have been revived since "Twilight" has proven to be so popular with young women, which is CW's target demo.

In the novels, the beautiful Elena is known as the ice queen of her high school, but becomes the object of passion for two brothers -- vampire brothers. The elder sibling Damon is charming but sadistic and had fought with his brother over a girl centuries ago. The (relatively) younger Stefan is the angsty, silent but earnest one who actually cares for Elena deeply. Around them swirl ex-boyfriends, vampires with vendettas and perhaps even a psychic.

"Diaries" would also mark a resurrection of sorts for Kevin Williamson, creator of "Dawson's Creek" and "Scream" film franchise. He's worked with The CW before on the short-lived "Hidden Palms." Williamson has written the pilot script with Julie Plec and will exec produce with her and Alloy's Les Morgenstein and Bob Levy.

"Body Politic," written by Jason Rothenberg and Bill Robinson, centers on a young woman who moves Washington, D.C. to work for a senator and befriends other eager, starry-eyed staffers who want to make a difference.

The writers will also produce with Peter Horton.