LOS ANGELES (AP) -- At the Oscars what is fashionable formal wear is sometimes left to the eye of the beholder.

Mickey Rourke, for example, arrived on the red carpet for Sunday's show in sunglasses and an ivory tuxedo over a black vest without a tie. Philip Seymour Hoffman came decked out in a classic black tuxedo complete with tie but with a knit cap on his head. Still another Oscar attendee was sporting a top hat.

Robert Downey Jr., nominated for best supporting actor, said he wasn't sure what he or his wife, Susan, were wearing.

"I just know that she's wearing red and I'm wearing black and she looks really cute," Downey said.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Those star-struck fans who cheer wildly as the stars arrive have to enter a lottery just to get a seat in the bleachers outside the Kodak Theatre.

Some enter every year for a decade or more before getting lucky enough to attend, so they must really be huge movie fans.

Or maybe not.

"Free food. That's why they're really here, I think," said Seth Rogan as he gazed up from the red carpet Sunday at the fans heralding his arrival on the red carpet.

In addition to seeing Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and scores of other stars up close, bleacher watchers do get free coffee, doughnuts, soda and sandwiches.


Associated Press Writer Raquel Maria Dillon contributed to this report.