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George Clooney cut his usual dapper, debonair figure at Wednesday's premiere of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" in London, where he worked the red carpet with dewy Italian squeeze Elisabetta Canalis. But his easy charm (and singular ability to really wear a tux) was apparently lost on the London Daily Mail, which seemed focused on the Oscar-winning, two-time Sexiest Man Alive's eyes.

Or, more specifically, what was under his eyes.

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The paper reckons that Clooney, 48, was "looking rather less elegantly weathered than usual," a refreshed state that it chalks up to the apparent disappearance of his "eyebags." (Personally, we like weathered, and pictures snapped this week show nothing out of the ordinary on his famous mug.)

The paper speculates that the A-lister might have undergone a blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure to get rid of extra tissue from around one's peepers.

So, did George go under the knife in a bid to, as the Mail posits, keep up with his hot, 30-year-old squeeze? Or is he just feeling particularly well-rested thanks to living the good life of fame, fortune and female adoration, not to mention the serenity that comes from owning a sumptuous Italian villa?

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Looks like it's a whole lot of the latter.

"I cannot believe the London Daily Mail could get something so wrong," Clooney's rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells us. "At a press conference [on Wednesday], George was using [this] as an example of people getting things wrong, that he once kiddingly said he had his eyes done. That is how that got started."

The megastar, who expressed his dismay at slumping journalistic standards during another press conference on Thursday, joked about removing his excess baggage during a chat with Julia Roberts a couple years back.

"I had my eyes done," he deadpanned. "Can you tell? I think it's important to look awake."

Alas, George's attempt at humor was taken as fact by some media outlets, which breathlessly announced his "plastic surgery confession."

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Not that it's stopped his zingers. This week, he responded to a reporter's question about his secret to looking better with age by explaining, "It's mostly down to lots of drinking and lots of drugs."

Cue the headlines screaming "George Clooney: I'm a Drunk and Drug Abuser!" in 3 ... 2 ...1 ...

Speaking of alcohol and Clooney rumors, OK! thinks his relaxed and robust state is due to hopping on the wagon.

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A source alleges to the mag that the actor is "trying to get booze out of his life completely," which has purportedly meant barring his pal Brad Pitt from his Lake Como estate.

"He didn't invite Brad to Italy this past summer because he didn't want to get sucked into an endless drinking session," says the mole. "[George has] told people that he's going to slow down. He's had a lot of fun over the years, but as he gets closer to 50, he really wants to live a healthier and more balanced life … He never wants to have more than one drink a day."

But Clooney's rep laughs off supposed liquor nixing as so much baloney, informing Gossip Cop, "We are sitting here in London. Drinking."

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