The Hollywood Reporter -- Presenting "plans and priorities for the future and [an] update &hellip on key initiatives" is the main goal of the general membership meeting that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is planning to hold on May 4.

In a follow-up to its initial save-the-date email that was sent to members last week, the Academy is sending out a more detailed invitation today describing the meeting, to be held simultaneously in Los Angeles, New York and Emeryville, Ca., as one that will explore such topics as "our new museum, e-voting, programming, new collections and how we deal with new technology."

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Since the Academy has not held such a broad-based meeting in the past, when members received the first notice last week, there was some speculation that a dramatic announcement might be in the works. But Academy CEO Dawn Hudson said Wednesday, "There is no agenda. There is no big announcement. It's part of an ongoing effort to make the Academy more open, to connect the leadership with the members and for them to connect with each other."

Hudson, who was named CEO in 2011, explained that during the past two years, the Academy has held more branch get-togethers and other formal and informal meetings with members. "They've all been received positively," she said, "and one thing members have asked for are cross-branch meetings, where they can meet with members from other branches. So we thought we would give it a try." While this meeting has been in the discussion stages since last fall, it was decided to hold it in the spring, after the Academy Awards.

As described in the invitation, the meeting, which will include brunch at the two West Coast gatherings and lunch in New York, is designed "to have you meet and connect with fellow members and Academy leadership."

STORY: Academy to Hold General Membership Meeting on May 4

"To increase communication with our members," it is also inviting members to submit questions to the Academy by April 25.

Since the meeting comes in the wake of the Feb. 24 Oscar ceremonies that saw an increase in ratings but also criticism directing at some of host Seth MacFarlane's humor, Hudson said, "I'm sure the subject of the Oscars will come up, but it's not why we called the meeting."

The members-only event will take place at 10 a.m. at the Academy's Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills and Pixar Studios in Emeryville and at 1 p.m. at the Lighthouse International theater in New York. An hour-long brunch/lunch is to be followed by a 90-minute presentation by the Academy.

View the invitation below.

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