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Funnyman Adam Sandler has won a legal battle against his kids' former nanny after she accused the star of treating her like a slave.

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A California appeals court judge has ruled that Deanne McDonald must repay the $80,000 she received for signing a confidential settlement, agreeing not to disclose anything about Sandler nor disparage him.

McDonald was hired by the actor and his wife in 2009, and when her employment ended less than a year later, she raised employment claims that were squashed when Sandler agreed to pay her $48,000 and her attorneys $32,000 to stay quiet.

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Last year, McDonald threatened to challenge the settlement agreement and sue Sandler and his business partner brother Scott Sandler, so the siblings took her to private arbitration.

The former nanny then accused Sandler of criminal activity and slavery.

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An arbitrator ruled McDonald had breached the settlement agreement by repudiating it, disclosing confidential information and threatening to sue, and she was ordered to return the money and restrained from filing a future lawsuit.

Now, Sandler's attorney Marty Singer has won confirmation of the arbitration award, as McDonald argued that the agreement was unconscionable.