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Superstar singer Adele has been making the interview rounds to promote her new album, "25," and insists that fame hasn't changed her. But that assertion may not be so accurate ...

The 27-year-old singer has made it clear to the press, despite the notoriety and money (she's reportedly worth $79 million), that she's still the same working-class girl who was raised by a single mom in North London.

She told Radio One's Nick Grimshaw, "I like the way I have lived my life always, so that's why I'll carry on living it like that. No one else in my life is famous, so they'd think I'm being an idiot if I was ever to try to get carried away with myself."

The big-voiced singer also added that the one big difference in her life is that she now shops at high-end grocery stores. "I shop at Waitrose these days. I know, I've moved up in the world. I still love you, Tesco, but Waitrose. That's probably the biggest change, honestly. That's about it, really. I got a plasma [television]. I used to have that big thick one up until recently," Adele added.

However, the DailyMail contends that her humble life may not be exactly as she paints it. The outlet reports that the singer recently purchased a $155k Porsche with a bespoke interior. The site also claims that she has purchased multiple properties, spending over $24 million.

Adele gave an interview to i-D magazine this week that she lives a more quiet life so she can write her music. "I want to have a real life so I can write records. No one wants to listen to a record from someone that's lost touch with reality. So I live a low-key life for my fans."

We aren't sure how low-key a bespoke Porsche is … but we love Adele either way!