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By Dana Flax, reporting by Kara Warner

Score! Wonderwall ran into Adrian Grenier at a Heineken event for the Union of European Football Associations (that's a soccer league, for all y'all Americans) last night. We chatted him up about "footie" and his craziest experience with a fan; read on to check out our convo.

Wonderwall: So you're a soccer fan, eh?

Adrian Grenier: Isn't everybody? Real fans call it football.

WW: Who's your team then?

AG: The [Los Angeles] Galaxy, of course. When in Rome.

WW: Soccer fans are known to be pretty crazy. Have you ever gotten dressed up or rowdy at a game?

AG: They're very aggressive, they take it very seriously. No. That's why I watch it on TV; it's safer. I would love to go someday. Never went to a game.

WW: Speaking of crazy fans, what's the craziest fan encounter you've had recently?

AG: I had one fan come up to me and give me a hug and almost break my back. He was so excited -- you know that super-human force when someone gets excited? The adrenaline kicks in, he grabbed me ... he wanted to hug it out.

WW: Did he preface it with that?

AG: Of course. They all do. And whether I wanted to or not, I was huggin' it out with him.

Well, at least it was out of love, AG.

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