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A 6.9 earthquake struck south of the U.S.-Mexico border but celebrity citizens of Los Angeles also felt the earth move.

Everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Adam Lambert immediately took to their Twitter handles to react to the earthquake.

Ashton Kutcher wrote: "We just felt an earthquake in LA that happened in Mexico?"

Former "Dancing with the Stars" finalist Gilles Marini tweeted: "Was playing with my daughter at the park when the ground start[ed] shaking . Pretty scary stuff.but not bad. I hope that is just it . No more :( "

Paris Hilton wrote on her Twitter: "OMG! So scary, just felt an Earth Quake! Anyone else feel it? I hope there isn't anymore."

Super Bowl star Reggie Bush tweeted: "I'm in San Diego and I felt it."

"The Office" star Rainn Wilson jokingly wrote: "Couldn't tell if that was an earthquake or if Matt Damon was angry."

Former "Melrose Place" actress Lisa Rinna wrote: "Hope everyone is ok!!!!"

Lambert, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Denise Richards and a few other stars also tweeted their reactions to the quake. According to the Associated Press, the 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Baja California, approximately 108 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, Mexico.

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