He's a married man! Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. has tied the knot with his girlfriend Justyna Stroka. The musician announced the happy news via Twitter on Friday.

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"Mr. & Mrs. Hammond, Jr. Yeah, she kept the JR YES!! Haha she's JHJ I'm AHJ," the 33-year-old wrote on Dec. 23. Alongside the caption, Hammond shared a picture of the newlyweds casually smiling for the camera, with the new bride holding a bouquet of flowers.

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One day later, Hammond retweeted a picture of the married couple showing off their new wedding bands. The photo posted revealed Stroka wearing red lipstick as the two held up their two hands to the camera, only revealing a part of Hammond's face.

Hammond recently opened up about his longtime love during an interview with Rolling Stone back in October, revealing that she was the inspiration for his single "St. Justice" that he released on his new EP.

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"It feels like the universe has just lined up for me to really take responsibility: 'If you want to do this thing, do it,'" he said of the track. "'Stop trying to hide behind things. Just do it and take the good and the bad straight up.' I'm excited about that. I'm ready."

The now married couple first met while Stroka -- now the Senior Operations Manager for Juice Press -- was working at Cafe Gitane in NYC.


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