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After leaving "The Bachelor" to return to work only to be denied when asked if she could return to the show, Ali talks to Ellen DeGeneres about what went down with her and Jake Pavelka and who she thinks will be the last woman standing.

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Ali explains to Ellen why she chose to leave, "One of the reasons it was okay for me to leave in the first place was because I thought if this is love and he really cares about me, then he is going to come and find me. He's a pilot, like fly to get me, that would be amazing."

On Monday night's episode, Ali calls Jake and asks if she still has a chance with him only to find out that he has stronger feelings for another woman. "I was pretty shocked. I thought we had something really great."

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As for who she thinks "The Bachelor" pilot will choose in the end, Ali predicts, "Watching, actually, the connection that Vienna and Jake have ... I didn't realize that was happening behind the scenes or when I wasn't around. They look like a good couple. So, I actually think it could be Vienna."

However, that wouldn't be Ali's first choice for Jake. "I want it to be Tenley," she reveals. "Tenley and I are really good friends. I will be friends and talk to her forever. I joke if she marries Jake I'll be in their wedding party. We're that close. That would be a little awkward. I'm happy for him whoever he ends up with."

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"The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" airs on ABC Monday nights. Catch Ali on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" today, February 16.

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