Alison Sweeney has a tip for how to keep kids fit: Don't bribe them with food! The svelte Biggest Loser host was honored on Apr. 23 at the Women in Media Genii Awards in L.A. and spoke to Us Weekly about her tricks for raising healthy children.

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"I'm not above bribing, but for me, it's more about time with the iPad or just allowing them a little bit of luxury items like that," shared Sweeney, 36, who has two kids, 8-year-old Ben and 4-year-old Megan, with husband David Sanov.

"The one thing I don't do is, I don't play games with food," she continued. "It's really important to me that desserts and sweets are not something I want to put on a pedestal [as] a reward. So, TV time or a special movie -- those are the treats I think are fun to make allowances for."

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The former Days of Our Lives star, who struggled with her weight in the '90s, says she can't control everything that goes into her kids' bodies, which is "very hard for a controlling person," she admitted. But the key is to establish good everyday habits early on so that it's no biggie when they cheat. "I don't feel like a Nazi about it. We're eating healthy things and they're enjoying for the most part the food they eat, so when they go to a birthday party and there's pizza and cake, I don't sweat it that much."

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