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Things just got worse for Amanda Bynes.

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The troubled actress, who has instigated a number of bizarre incidents over the past two years (see this and this), was reportedly arrested on Sunday after police determined she was allegedly driving under the influence of an alleged stimulant. A police officer spotted the former child star after she stopped her Mercedes in the middle of an intersection in the San Fernando Valley. Amanda had a "disheveled" appearance, according to an arrest report. According to TMZ, Amanda has also been using marijuana again.

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Amanda was booked into jail on misdemeanor DUI by the California Highway Patrol at 4:10 a.m. on Sunday after a drug evaluator at the jail determined she was under the influence of the drug. She was released on $15,000 bail around noon later that day.

She is currently on probation from a previous DUI charge stemming from an incident in April 2012 when she hit a parked car. In February, she struck a plea deal in the first case and was given three years' probation. The fact that she was arrested again while on probation could mean major trouble for her.

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