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Amber Portwood is clean and happy and she's not about to let anyone rain on her sober parade.

The reality-TV star has been on quite a ride since she rose to fame after being featured on "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom," a trip that even saw her go to prison.

But since her release in November 2013, Amber is adamant that she's on the right track.

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"I've worked [too] hard on myself and my family to still get criticism 5 years later," she tweeted on Jan. 27. "I have changed and worked my butt off to be sober & happy."

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What prompted the Twitter outburst is unknown.

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Amber's struggles with drugs and anger management have been well documented in both media and in a book that she wrote, titled "Never Too Late." In May 2012, Amber chose to start a five-year prison sentence instead of going to rehab. The decision forced her to leave her daughter Leah behind. Shortly before her prison stay she even attempted suicide.

From the sound of it, though, it seems like Amber is on the right track.