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Amy Adams catapulted to stardom after her stunning performance in the indie flick "Junebug" which got her an Oscar nod, and caught the attention of some big Hollywood producers. Since then she's gone from indie darling to major motion picture queen, starring in a slew of big-budget films. Next up, she stars opposite Meryl Streep in "Julie and Julia," making it her second film opposite Meryl in less than a year. No big deal.

See Amy's major style transformation here

Allure interviews Amy in the latest issue, on newsstands July 21st. In the interview, she talks about her prolonged engagement to Darren Le Gallo, her homelier years (uh huh, suuuure), and kissing girls (and not necessarily liking it). Click through to see more pics from the article and go behind the scenes of the photo shoot here.

On not settling down just yet:

"I think he was patient for the first nine months, but now that we have been engaged for a year, he's sort of, you know 'This is going to happen, right?' He understands I'm busy, but he's ready. He's much more ready for kids and stuff than I am."

On her awkward (or not as stunningly beautiful) years:

"I was homely. Painfully small, short, with too much blue eye shadow because I thought, 'It matches my eyes, so why not?' Trying desperately to fit in."

On her lesbian kiss in "Cruel Instentions 2: Manchester Prep":

"I'm not the first or last who's been bamboozled by a surprise lesbian kiss in a movie, I'm sure."

Surely she's not. Though she should be proud to be a part of an age-old Hollywood creepster tradition of tricking hot actresses into kissing each other.

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