Gotcha! Amy Poehler pulled a fast one on her former Saturday Night Live costar and Weekend Update partner-in-crime Seth Meyers when she prank called the comedian during his Feb. 28 appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live. Meyers, 39, was taking questions from viewers when the Parks and Recreation star, 41, called in pretending to be a fan from New Hampshire (which just happens to be the SNL head writer's home state).

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"What's your favorite part of working with Amy Poehler?" she asked. Meyers replied thoughtfully: "Amy has an incredible energy about her. She's the funniest person on earth, but she makes everybody else feel really funny, because she has a really big laugh."

Bravo host Andy Cohen then blew the whistle on the actress' scheme, prompting her to confess her true identity. "Oh, come on!" Meyers exclaimed after the reveal. "Here I am being earnest and sweet about you..."

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Poehler quickly found herself in the hot seat, though, when Cohen and guest Gayle King pressed her for an answer about whether she would consider reuniting with Tina Fey to host next year's Oscars. (The longtime friends teamed up in January for a well-received stint emceeing the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.)

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"Andy, this is Seth's night. I don't want to take anything away from him," she quipped, clearly dodging the question. Cohen laughed and changed the subject, asking instead what her favorite part of working with Meyers was.

"It's probably that, every once in a while, when I would squint, it felt like I was sitting next to [Les Miserables actor] Eddie Redmayne," Poehler joked.

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