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Ben Higgins is about to go through a gauntlet of women vying for his heart as the star of the newest "Bachelor," but if that doesn't work out, one "it" girl may have given him one heck of a backup plan.

After he was officially announced as the star of the ABC show's 20th season, Ben and host Chris Harrison fielded a call from Amy Schumer, who, in jest, told Ben "don't do it!"

Amy, an unabashed fan of the show, congratulated Ben. "I'm so excited for you," she said, "I hope you find love. Do you want to have phone sex right now?"

As the crowd laughed along did Ben and Chris, the "Trainwreck" star asked, "Is it a bad time?"

With a witty remark of his own, Ben said, "You have my number, call later."

Amy and Ben met last year as she made a guest appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of "The Bachelorette." Ben finished third in his quest to capture Kaitlyn's heart, but he turned into the overwhelming fan favorite to be the next face of the franchise. The official announcement was merely a formality after multiple reports last week indicated that he was chosen to the franchise's next main man.

After calling into the show, Amy took to social media to share a snap of her calling in. Posing in front of the TV, she cautioned the image, "Thanks for letting me call #AfterParadise #phonesex @benhiggi."

In speaking to "Good Morning America," Ben gushed about Amy and even hinted that he would welcome her competing for his heart.

"I think we should push for it. She'd make everything extremely interesting," he said. "She's hilarious. She's been great to the show, and if she wanted to come out, I would not be against it."