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Amy Winehouse probably should have insisted that newly minted ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil sign a confidentiality agreement when they ended their epically co-dependent union a couple weeks back, because he's already opening his bologna hole about how the troubled singer was supposedly on the brink of death two years ago following a three-day, sleep-free drug and alcohol spree.

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"We were sitting on the bed talking. Her eyes suddenly went blank," he details to the London Sun. "She started having a fit on the bed. She slid down on to the floor before I could stop her. She started quivering again and it suddenly grew into what seemed like a full-blown epileptic fit."

At that point, Fielder-Civil admits, "I was panicking. I didn't know how to help her. I was out of it on drugs as well and was sobbing and crying out, 'Amy!'"

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When the singer suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing, "It was the most frightening thing I had ever seen," he says (and this from a guy who's been up close and personal with her beehive). "I felt sure I was watching her die right in front of me. I didn't know what to do or how to save her. I held her to me -- and I thought she was dying in my arms ... I couldn't bear for her to die in front of me."

He claims Winehouse, who had apparently been celebrating the success of her "Back to Black" album by downing copious amounts of heroin and crack, woke up after he gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and promptly asked for more drugs. Instead, she was rushed to the hospital in a cab for treatment.

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Concludes Blake, who wed Amy in May 2007 but spent a good bit of their marriage in the pokey and in rehab (he's reportedly now living with his parents), "Amy is a fun girl. She's quite wild, but it's only on drink and drugs with her. It's just a shame because she's very funny, very clever and she's very loving. I can think of all these good points about her."

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