Four-years-old and already a fashion critic! When The Office's Angela Kinsey wants to get dolled up for a night on the town, her wardrobe has to pass muster with one of the most important girls in her life: Her daughter Isabel. "She is so girlie! I don't want to do any of it -- I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl," the single mom admits to Us Weekly.

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Always wanting to play dress-up and get her makeup done, Isabel tries in earnest to encourage mom Kinsey, 41, to revamp her day-to-day style.

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"She says to me all the time, 'Mom, we really need to be more fashionable people.' I told Mindy [Kaling, Kinsey's Office costar] that and she was like, 'What?!'" Kinsey tells Us. "I feel like she is Mindy Kaling's child because Mindy is so fashionable. Mindy would come to set looking amazing early in the morning and I would be in a hoodie."

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In addition to being extra style-savvy, Kinsey's daughter Isabel -- her first child with ex-husband Warren Lieberstein, an Office writer/producer -- is already quite the dancer. "She takes hip-hop," mom tells Us. "We tried ballet but she wasn't into it. Then we went to hip-hop and she was like, 'This is what I'm talking about!'"

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