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Even as she was prepared to go under the knife for her double mastectomy in 2013, Angelina Jolie never doubted her womanhood, thanks, in part, to her husband Brad Pitt.

"I knew through the surgeries that he was on my side and that this wasn't something where I was going to feel less of a woman, because my husband wasn't going to let that happen," she told Tom Brokaw in a joint interview with her husband for "Today".

Angelina had the procedure done after learning she tested positive for a gene that left her with an 87 percent risk of getting breast cancer.

Two years after the procedure, she had her ovaries removed due to a similar increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.

"You have to just make the choices you make in life," she said. "I made the choices I made because I believed they were right for me."

As for her husband, he was there for the entire ride. Really, he said, his job was simply to be supportive.

"Whatever's got to be done to keep the family together, and keep the family together as long as possible is going to be done," the actor said. "This was her charge, no question. It's a scary decision. There's many things that can go wrong and go many different directions."

With all of that behind them, the couple will take their relationship to the big screen, albeit as characters. In their upcoming film "By the Sea," due out Nov. 13, they play two people in a deeply troubled marriage. In real life, nothing could be further from the truth.

"I'm counting on the audience to know that if it was close to us at all, we could never make this film," Angie said. "It's because we're actually very, very stable and these aren't our issues."