It happened a few weeks ago at the Golden Globes and then again last night at the Oscars: Angelina Jolie seems to be avoiding E! red carpet host Ryan Seacrest.

The actress made headlines in January when she seemed to directly ignore questions from Ryan Seacrest after he interviewed her partner Brad Pitt. Then, as we mentioned in our red carpet liveblog last night, Angelina conspicuously avoided E!'s golden boy yet again at the Academy Awards.

Seacrest apparently got in a single question (asking the obvious, "How does it feel to be nominated?") with Brad Pitt, to which the hunky star gave a brief answer before darting off in search of his better half, but Angelina didn't so much as acknowledge him. Sources at UsWeekly even say that she actually went so far as to walk in an arc around the E! station on the red carpet to avoid speaking with Seacrest.

Gee, Angie - was it something he said?