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Anna Faris is sitting in front of a throng of reporters promoting (fittingly) her new sitcom "Mom" and she feels guilty. Not because of something she's inadvertently said or done in her past, but because she's not with her adorable son, Jack.

"I think, as a mom, there's a sleeping bag of guilt. And you're just going to have to recognize that it's there," she said of being away from her 2-year-old. "I'm feeling guilty right now."

She also knows that that feeling simply comes with the territory of being a parent and that somehow, some way, she'll get through it. Her husband, Chris Pratt, can help with that.

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The funny duo has really become an "it" couple because of their work on the big and small screens, but family still takes the front seat for these two.

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"We definitely have re‑prioritized everything in the best way," she said, referencing the couple's child. "And I think we're really grateful for every single wonderful thing that's happened."

One of those things hasn't surprised her, like Chris turning into a bona fide star and an action stud. "I wish I could say that I was [surprised]," she said. "But I'm not."

"I had never acted with anybody as charismatic and innovative," she continued, saying early on she knew her husband was a "thoroughbred."

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And she would welcome starring alongside her husband again, like they did when they met on the set of 2011's "Take Me Home Tonight." For now, though, it's all about their work and their son, who apparently is quite the ham ... and sometimes quite a handful, too.

"He's into everything," Anna said, "mostly my cosmetics."