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Holy moly.

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, best known for her diva antics on NBC's hit "The Apprentice," is entering an Ohio seminary.

According to The Associated Press, she is slated to begin her ministry studies at United Theological Seminary in Dayton on Monday.

She will spend about two years pursuing a doctorate of ministry degree, says Ivan Hicks, the school's associate dean for African-American studies.

"She has expressed a calling in her life, and it is our opportunity to provide leadership and guidance as she makes a transformation," Hicks says. "We're excited about her coming to school at UTS."

He adds that she "has a heart for ministry" after doing work on behalf of the homeless and the poor in Haiti.

Omarosa's feisty reputation will actually help her as a minister, says Hicks.

"Some of the good things and bad things we've done in our lives help us to actually relate and to be more widely accepted as a minister," he says.

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