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Why you hiding that hand, Johnny?

Johnny Depp has been engaged to girlfriend Amber Heard since January 2013, but he's suddenly (and discreetly) rocking a new ring, which makes us ask the question: Is he actually secretly married?

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The new ring, located on the ring finger of his left hand, looks an awful lot like a wedding band. Further fueling the speculation, the "Mortdecai" star was fairly circumspect about his left hand while attending the premiere of his new film. Also, while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show promoting the movie, Johnny kept his left hand under his jacket, hidden from view during the entire segment.

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Johnny, however, has worn an engagement ring for a while, but he's done so in an unorthodox way (This is, after all, Johnny Depp we're talking about.)

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Shortly after popping the question, the actor began donning a woman's engagement ring. The reason? He had purchased it for Amber, but it was too big. His new man-cessory, though, appears to be meant for a married man.

The actor has always been fiercely private, so the fact that he didn't address the ring should come as no surprise.

So, are congratulations in order for the couple?