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A Los Angeles-area home owned by Chris Brown was robbed in the early morning hours of July 15. His aunt was held at gunpoint and locked in a closet in the terrifying home invasion robbery.

Chris was not there at the time, but one media outlet reports that the singer knows who's behind the robbery.

According to police, three armed men wearing bandannas over their faces ransacked the house, knowing that it was owned by Chris. The men forced their way into the home and put a gun to his aunt's face, ordering her into a closet. The men then proceeded to rummage through the the home, taking jewelry, electronics and money. Chris' aunt, who was not hurt, called the cops after the incident, but the robbers were long gone.

Police are looking for surveillance video and the home invaders.

The men, TMZ said, are "homies" with Chris and he has a pretty good idea who did the break in. The website said Chris' mom has been warning him for years about some of his friends, and her distrust in several members of his crew is part of the reason that mother and son have been at odds for years.

Shortly after the home invasion, Joyce Hawkins, Chris' mom, tweeted, "Watch who you standing beside."

The Grammy-winning singer was at a pre-ESPY's party in Hollywood when the home invasion went down at 2 am.