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By Dana Flax

Few pieces of man-pretty come around these days that could make a girl quiver with the single bat of a long, thick eyelash. That's why, um, some people, watch Vanessa Hudgens' every move, hoping she messes up somehow so one day said people can replace their simulated make-out sessions with Zac Efron's "Bop" pullout with the real deal. That is, until Ashley Tisdale had to come around and spontaneously tapdance all over many, many peoples' pipe dreams.

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"I did kiss Zac, though... That was disgusting, actually," Tisdale said. "It was!" she added for emphasis, after realizing that the words coming out of her mouth were patently ridiculous.

"[Efron]'s my best friend and so he's like my brother and I've never been attracted to him cause he looked like he was 12 when I met him," she added. "I'm like, first of all, it's my best friend's boyfriend, and it's awkward enough," Tisdale continues. (Ah, we think we see where this is going.) "But it's like kissing your brother almost…"

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New theory: Ashley's just pretending that her tonsil hockey session with Zac was gross so that Vanessa doesn't, like, pull her hair or something on the set of the next "High School Musical." Or maybe we just want to believe that Zac Efron makes out like a pro. And isn't Disney all about dreams and wishes your heart makes and all that stuff? We'll just forget she ever said anything.

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