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Even though a medical examiner ruled that there were no signs that anyone deliberately tried to kill Bobbi Kristina Brown, her oft-maligned boyfriend is hardly out of the woods when it comes to law enforcement.

TMZ is reporting that prosecutors want to charge Nick Gordon with involuntary manslaughter because they believe that he was arranging to get drugs for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter. They believe that he even gave her the drugs on that fateful Jan. 31 afternoon.

Bobby Kristina passed away on July 26 after laying unresponsive for six months. Despite his pleas, her boyfriend was never allowed to see her while she was in both a hospital, and finally a hospice. The Houston and Brown families were always leery of the man Bobbi Kristina called her husband (though the couple was never actually married.)

Nick, law enforcement believe, had reason to know Bobbi Kristina had a drug problem, and he had to have known that she would abuse drugs to the point of losing consciousness, yet he helped her get and use drugs and then left her in harm's way.

Prosecutors have been gunning to pin something on Nick almost from the get-go. He hasn't exactly helped himself, having previously claimed that he and Bobbi did drugs that morning. TMZ is reporting that nothing was intravenously injected.

Shortly after Bobbi Kristina was found, reports surfaced that first responders found bruises on her body and a tooth was knocked out. The same was said in a lawsuit filed in June against Nick on behalf of his girlfriend. Earlier this week, though, an autopsy from the Fulton County Medical Examiner showed "no obvious underlying cause of death." The Medical Examiner goes on to say, "no significant injuries were noted."

Despite this blow to authorities, prosecutors will reportedly still press on and they'll try to get one of Nick friends, Max Lomas, to turn on him. Max was in the home with Nick and Bobbi on Jan. 31 and he was the one who actually found the aspiring singer facedown in a water-filled bathtub. Authorities plan on using Max's current legal battles to their advantage.

Max is currently being prosecuted in Georgia for two drug-related felonies, not connected to Bobbi Kristina. The case, though, has been idle for nearly six months, and TMZ claims that authorities are interested in striking up a deal that would involve Max getting probation on the drug charges and immunity in Bobbi Kristina's case in return for telling them all the details of what happened in her house that tragic day.

During a legally taped phone call with a friend in February, Nick spilled on his version of what happened that day, saying, "I'll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was under a lot of stress and we were all doing drugs and you know, all, all drinking, bro… She just did too much man. She, listen, listen bro. I will officially stay from bathtubs forever, I'll tell you that."

He later said, "If they take her off that life support, the police are going to have to take me down bro."