Big Bird is so two weeks ago.

Tuesday evening's second Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney saw both contenders hit the floor in a town-hall style meeting at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York -- and the proceedings between Obama, 51, and Romney, 65, were noticeably more spirited and at time combative as CNN's Candy Crowley moderated.

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Hollywood celebrities weighed in -- via Twitter, of course -- on the fiery discussion, which touched upon women in the workforce, single parents, immigration, gun control, the recent tragedy in Libya and more.

John Cusackdon't support the president - can't support the rubicon lines he's crossed -but I recognize Romney domestic policies will hurt more people

Aubrey O'Dayrewatching the Debate... Is it me... or does Romney feel really transparent?

Andy CohenHey Mitt Romney hands OFF my girl @CrowleyCNN!!!

Star Jones ‏Also... #Not4Nothing...but when I was a prosecutor in with #BindersFullOfWomen usually ended up convicted in my courtroom.

Steve MartinI won the debate!

Sarah PalinWe had a really good presidential debate tonight, and I hope every American is energized to get out and vote in three weeks. I also just want to give a quick thank you to everyone who supported Bristol & Mark. I know how much they appreciated the support. Now Bristol can head home just in time to enjoy Alaska's new fallen snow!

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Dane CookShould Obama & Romney announce they’re in a secret gay relationship. Obamney or Rombama? #debate

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

I hear @BravoTV is renaming The Real Housewives "Binder Full Of Women".

Rick FoxIt took 10 years to build the 9/11 memorial and yet Obama was expected to rebuild America in 4 yrs

Eva LongoriaLandslide victory for Obama. We saw one President for all Americans on that stage tonight, Barack Obama. #Forward

Dax ShepardWouldn't it be great if one man could "fix our economy?" Just one guy. #pipedreams

Mary J. Blige"Great Job on debate Mr. President! I never lost faith in u!"

Jared LetoPlease vote obama so Romney doesn't make us all go to sunday school. And: @JohnnyBNerdy not as simple as that Johnny. But I'm happy to pay more taxes to help all.

Patton OswaltThis isn't so bad for Romney. He can easily win this without single moms, immigrants, the middle class or all women. #debate

Sandra Bernhardplease do not bring the religious crap into it, you went to France as a missionary you are so detached from what people feel or need in this country women students working class people you have contempt for those struggling 47%

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Ivanka TrumpBoth the #President and #Governor ended strongly. What did you think of the #debate.#Election2012

Joy BeharRomney's plan for immigrants is to make them so miserable that they will beg him to self deport #current2012

Chrissy TeigenWAIT A MINUTE. There are rehearsals where John Kerry plays Mitt Romney and this ISN'T AIRED as some "debate after dark" show??

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