He kind of creeped you out as Batman. He definitely freaked you out in The Machinist. And he scared the heck out of you in American Psycho. Now, one of the finest method actors of our time, Christian Bale, unleashes his inner thespian demons on an unsuspecting director of photography on the set of his new film, Terminator: Salvation.

We had to listen to this recording (WARNING: very strong language) three times before we got an accurate count of all the expletives.

The "S" word: Once.

The "A" word: Once.

The "P" word: Twice.

The "F" bomb: Thirty-eight times!

Even director McG sounds freaked out when Bale barks at him, "McG, do you have something to say to this pr--k?". To which McG meekly replies, "I didn't see it happen." Wow, what a McWuss.

Not that we blame McG, because honestly, there really is no right answer when Bale goes ballistic.

Overall, though, we're super excited about the future of the actor's career. This audio clip makes us dream about Bale doing a Michael Bay movie, a Brett Ratner movie, a Woody Allen movie, and maybe even doing Alec Baldwin's outgoing voicemail message.

We say cut the guy some slack. He's a serious actor whose scene was ruined and he might have just forgotten to take his Bat-meds that day. It happens to all of us.