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Lily Allen recently told Glamour UK that she searches for herself on Google after long nights of drinking to help her remember where she's been, and what (or who?) she's done. We did a little 'Lily Allen' search query of our own, and we can't imagine what it must be like to wake up with a hangover and realize you are responsible for all the following:

1. Telling people it's okay to do cocaine.

2. Starting an unnecessary cat fight with Katy Perry.

3. Telling everybody about that time you went to the "nuthouse."

4. Having a three-way with lesbian twins.

5. Doing some drunken shopping and buying a beach.

6. Showing the whole Internet your third nipple.

7. Talking about your brother's junk in disturbing detail.

And that's just the last couple of months. We're no Celebrity Rehab Experts, but it seriously might be time for Lills to cool out with the booze. Or at least the Internet.