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Family first. Although their marriage hit the skids after 10 years, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are committed to being a family.

On the day that the Hollywood golden couple announced they were splitting, Ben and Jen were actually in the Bahamas together with their three children. This, however, was anything but a relaxing Caribbean vacation.

"The family felt it was important to be together and they were together. The family is united and, no matter what, will protect the kids," a source told People magazine, who has exclusive photos from the getaway.

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The duo arrived separately on the island (Ben arrived on June 28; Jen arrived on June 29) and spent the next week at Baker's Bay, the secluded private resort community in the Abacos where the family owns a home.

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Photos show Ben still wearing his wedding ring. Jen, though, has not been wearing hers. However, the couple, People said, had "no physical contact" and was seen on beach having a "serious" chat for several minutes. Ben appeared "distracted" during the somber conversation.

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Ben and Jen, an onlooker said, "seemed to be cordial to each other. They would look at each other and speak and then both look away in silence. A lot of the time, they seemed to just stare off into space."

Just like their arrival on the island, the duo left the Bahamas separately, too. Ben flew out on July 3, whereas Jen and the children jetted off on July 5.

"These are two people who really tried to save their marriage and worked really hard at it," another source told the magazine. "Ultimately they had grown apart and they did what was best for their kids."