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Doing it for the kids! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are doing everything within their power to make their high-profile split as painless as possible for their three children.

The former couple is living in the same rental property in Atlanta while Jen films her movie "Miracles From Heaven." If you'll recall, when the couple formally announced their split, Ben and Jen were even on a Caribbean vacation together with the children.

"They both put on their happy faces and don't show any signs of anger or frustration," a source told Us Weekly. "They definitely play happy family in front of the kids."

Ben, the magazine said, is currently staying in the guest house of the Georgia property, where he watches the kids while their mom works.

The parents to Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, are making sure that their children do not feel neglected with all the change.

"Ben and Jen have always made a point to do that so each kid gets special bonding time," another source told the magazine. Recently Violet was spotted with her dad and appeared as happy as ever.

"He's always been a great dad, and that hasn't changed," a source said.

Shortly after the couple split, several sources close to Jen agreed that she never had a problem with Ben's parenting. The problem was that she felt Ben wasn't a very good husband.

For now, though, the couple's doing a good job at keeping the peace.

Of the parent's plan for their children, the source said, "They want to fill their children's lives with as much love as possible and make sure they know they have two parents who love them to pieces."