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By Wonderwall Editors

Let's hear it for literacy, y'all. A satirical news story on the website The Empire was making a relatively innocent pun on the word "dye" -- as in hair dye -- this week when America's reactionary interwebs users misread the headline as an announcement that Betty White had died.

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The headline read: "Actress Betty White, 92, dyes peacefully in her Los Angeles home." The story went on to poke fun at the fact that the flaxen locks of the former "Golden Girl" get a chemical color boost to keep up their sunny blondness.

Alas, it only took a few thousand eyeballs to completely miss the satire -- and express their grief over White's alleged death all over social media.

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Still not convinced? The Los Angeles confirmed on Thursday that White alive, well and crackin' jokes on the set of "Hot in Cleveland" this week. Sheesh.

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