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Speculation has been rampant since October that Jessica Biel is pregnant with her and Justin Timberlake's first child.

The couple has stayed mum on the reports -- even as Biel's belly appears to grow rounder and larger -- but now one of the actress's closest friends is weighing in on what a fantastic mom her pal will be when the time comes.

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Asked what kind of mother Biel would make, the actress' former "7th Heaven" costar Beverley Mitchell was careful not to spill the beans, but still gushed about Mrs. Timberlake. "Jess is an incredible person and she's amazing at whatever she does and whatever she puts her mind to," Mitchell -- who herself is pregnant with baby No. 2 -- told reporters at the fourth annual Santa's Secret Workshop benefiting L.A. Family Housing, which was held at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif., on Dec. 6.

Even though Mitchell is already a mom to daughter Kenzie, 20 months, with husband Michael Cameron, she says she wouldn't dream of giving advice to Biel -- or any other woman, for that matter. "I don't give advice to anyone because I think the best advice is to not to listen to anyone's advice, period!" she explained. "I think you've just got to figure it out. Not to mention people scare the crap out of you. I feel like I get [so many] war stories that I'm just like, 'Why would you tell me that? Why is that necessary?'"

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Mitchell's second pregnancy has been nothing like her first. "My first pregnancy with Kenzie, she was so easy. It was awesome. I was working out like crazy and everything was going great," she said. This time, she's expecting a boy she revealed is due in late January or early February. "This little dude, man, he's just killing me. My back hurts, everything hurts. I'm so tired!"

Her cravings have been different this time too. "I only ate salads with [Kenzie] and with this guy, all I eat is meat," Mitchell said. "Hot dogs and hamburgers." She hasn't been to the gym as much either. "I haven't done a damn thing! I worked out, like, a day before I delivered her and with this guy I haven't worked out once," she added. "I can barely walk across a parking lot before I'm winded and like, 'I can't do this. I'm tired.'"

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As for how she and her husband will balance two kids just 22 months apart? "We've been together for 14 years and we just figure it out," Mitchell said. "We're a good team and we can pretty much manage anything that comes our way. Two kids will be no different."