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In her new No. 1 box office thriller Obsessed, Beyonce Knowles plays a mother. Did it give her an itch to have kids in real life?

"Well, I think I definitely want to be a mother one day," the singer, 27, tells MTV News. "And I will be God willing but not really [right now]. I didn't really get the little urge [from playing a mom]. It was more like, 'God, this is a lot of work.'"

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Told at the film's NYC premiere last Thursday that she did an excellent job playing a mom, she laughed.

"I must be becoming a very good actress then!" she told

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Asked about the secret to her marriage with Jay-Z (whom she wed a year ago), Knowles told Us, "I think that you have to just be really strong and remember that you're best friends. That's what keeps it real, you know?"

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"Of course, there are times when jealousy sneaks in," she admitted, "but really thats not a big part of us at all. We're really strong."