Laurence Kesterson / Invision/AP
Laurence Kesterson / Invision/AP

Former President Bill Clinton showed Steven Spielberg brotherly love by presenting him with the Liberty Medal on Thursday in Philadelphia.

Clinton praised Spielberg, saying, "We honor a man today who has always been able to make a simple story and remind us of the greatness in us all," according to the Associated Press.

The esteemed filmmaker accepted this honor by saying, "Art is and should endeavor to be among the human enterprises which contribute to the building of decent and free societies."

The National Constitution Center elects one recipient every year for the Liberty Medal who represents the principles the United States was founded on. Spielberg's Academy Award-winning films 'Schindler's List' and 'Saving Private Ryan' stand out as two examples of how the filmmaker represents liberty through his artistic endeavors.

Whoopi Goldberg also took part in the ceremony.

The Liberty Medal was founded in 1988. Accomplished figures such as Bono, Nelson Mandela, and Jimmy Carter have received this award in previous years.