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Blake Lively feels like she has the ultimate mentor on motherhood -- her own mother.

"My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids, she was Superwoman," Blake Lively said, according to PEOPLE.

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"And she was never satisfied doing just one thing because," the expectant star said. "She probably just had too much energy. So for me, it was important to have that because that's what I felt like I knew best."

As she and husband Ryan Reynolds expect their first child together, Blake said she's all ears when it comes to parenting advice.

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"If I could pass along anything that my mother or my sisters taught me, I feel like my kids will be very well off," she said while in New York at L'Oréal Paris's 9th annual Women of Worth Awards.

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Glowing in a black dress and with the cutest baby bump showing, Blake told reporters that she felt inspired by the extraordinary women being honored at the awards. But, her biggest inspiration, not surprisingly, is the woman who birthed her.

"My mom is a huge woman of worth for me because she's been my idol my whole life," she said.