@blakelively / Instagram 1 / 12
@blakelively / Instagram 1 / 12

Food fight! There's no getting around it, Blake Lively is saucy!

We mean that in a literal sense.

The actress, while in Barcelona filming scenes for "All I See Is You," partook in a festival where everyone throws and stomps tomatoes. Barcelona's version is a nod to La Tomatina, a famous tomato food fight that takes place in Spain at the end of August.

Blake documented her mushy madness with a medley of Instagram images.

In a photo taken before the food fight, Blake acts nervous in a white t-shirt and olive shorts. In a photo taken after the food fight, Blake dons ski goggles and is covered in vegetables. Her white shirt now sports a rosier hue.

Referencing her "bronde" hairstyle, Blake said in a hashtag "Forget strawberry blonde. This is tomato bronde." She joked that it's probably not a good idea to ask for a "tomato bronde" hairstyle at the salon.

The last image, shows Blake laying down in a bed of smashed tomatoes. There's even a fly on her nose!

"I've finally become Italian food," she captioned the image while using the hashtags "GoalsCOMPLETE" and "CloudyWithAChanceOfAngelHair."

You are what you eat, right Blake!