Blake Shelton lives six months of the year in Los Angeles, but he's still a country boy through and through. In the August cover story for Men's Journal, the Oklahoma native shows that despite his breakout turn as a charismatic judge on The Voice and his famous bromance with tattooed rock star and fellow judge Adam Levine, he's still just a simple dude who loves his Chevy.

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He hasn't allowed Hollywood to change him, but he may be changing others. Levine, who has a genuine rapport with Shelton on and off the camera and was interviewed for the profile, recalled his visit to Shelton's 1,200-acre ranch in Oklahoma: "I was on my way to this fancy chi-chi island vacation," the Maroon 5 frontman says. "And afterwards, I realized I had so much more fun playing beer pong and driving quads with Blake than I did at this five-star resort."

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In the article, Shelton cops to trying to influence his friend -- and not always for the better. "I get frustrated with Adam because, to me, rock stars are supposed to be drunk all the time. But he's very healthy. He takes care of himself. And it drives me crazy, because I want him to be more like me. Drunk all the time," says the 37-year-old singer, who's been known to spike his own cup of Starbucks with vodka on-camera.

One of his few concessions to clean, L.A.-style living? He drinks a cold-pressed green juice once a day ("Mostly so he can make jokes about his bowel movements," says the writer). He's also replaced his go-to drink, vodka and diet Cherry 7–Up, with vodka, club soda, and a few drops of stevia, an artificial sweetener, because his wife, Miranda Lambert, "says its healthier," he shares.

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As it turns out, it may be Lambert who's the only one who holds sway over him. "I don't give her too much s--t," he says of his love, who he reveals has a dog named Sasha Fierce ("She worships Beyonce"). "That's like poking a bear."

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