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The tabloid magazine In Touch is hearing Blake Shelton and his lawyer's voices in a big, big way.

According to TMZ, the country singer is suing the magazine over a cover that insinuated that he had checked into rehab after his split with Miranda Lambert. He wants at least $2 million dollars for the false reporting.

In his lawsuit, Blake says that he was not in rehab, nor does he have plans to go to rehab, despite claims on the Sept. 28 cover that showed his photo and blared the the headline, "Rehab for Blake ... He Finally Hits Rock Bottom."

The singer's lawyer says Blake "wants to set the record straight by suing In Touch's parent company, Bauer Media." The lawsuit specifically mentions several inaccurate claims within the article, including sentences that said, "His friends are terrified that he could end up dead at this rate," as well as an allegation that his friends were staging an intervention.

Other claims he took exception to was the article saying "Blake's drinking and womanizing are what helped torpedo his 4-year marriage," and that he was "caught" by Miranda with "a bunch of naked women" in their home.

The former couple will likely cross paths again, as they both are scheduled to perform at the 2015 CMA Awards in November. However, don't expect any fireworks. "Our whole thing was, we are going to be cool about this, it is what it is," Blake told radio DJ Bobby Bones in September. "We're buddies."

Your move, Bauer Media.