Kristin Burns 2010 / Twitter / Promotional 1 / 6
Kristin Burns 2010 / Twitter / Promotional 1 / 6

Jessica Simpson isn't hiding the fact that she and Billy Corgan are making beautiful music (so to speak) together. On Tuesday night, she posted a pair of photos on her Twitter showing her at work in a Los Angeles recording studio with her rumored Smashing Pumpkins front man beau.

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One of the pictures is particularly telling, with the dressed-down starlet, 29, gazing adoringly at a hoodie-topped Corgan, 42, as he strums his guitar.

The cryptic message accompanying the beatific, black-and-white tableau: "He braids my prayers."

(Something tells us Simpson's mane wrangler-cum-BFF Ken Paves is gonna be jealous.)

In the other shot, Jess puts on her best "serious musician face" as she goes over a song with the chrome-domed rocker, sighing contentedly, "I am blessed."

The oddball pair reportedly started casually dating in September after being introduced by Jessica's brother-in-law, Pete Wentz.

"My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightening outlook on faith," she tweeted on Sept. 11.

They made their debut (albeit a subtle one) by stepping out together in New York in early December to catch Simpson's little sis Ashlee warble on Broadway in "Chicago."

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And while the romance at first seemed like Cupid's idea of a practical joke (following failed romances with John Mayer and Nick Lachey, she was dropkicked by Tony Romo the night before her birthday last July; he once thought dating Courtney Love was a good plan), it could be blossoming into something that's both collaborative and slightly spiritual.

"A prayer for anyone trying to overcome adversity," Simpson wrote this week, possibly in response to Corgan's recent tweet, "Passion is my greatest weapon, commitment my greatest shield against adversity."

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Still, the exact nature of their connection remains unclear.

Despite recent reports that Jessica and Billy are "officially dating," whatever that means (is there a certification process, like scuba diving?), insiders remain cautious about labeling the relationship.

"They are still close and still really good friends. They are still involved in each other's lives. They are still hanging out," an obvious-stating Simpson source tells People magazine, before adding, "I don't know if it's romantic anymore."

Us Weekly, meanwhile, believes that things have cooled down, with an insider quoting Corgan as saying, "Our best dates were when we had a distraction, like a sports game. But when that was over, cue the awkward silence."

At least now they have music to fill the quiet.

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