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Bobby Brown is not giving up on his ailing daughter, but may also be running out of options.

More than two weeks after Bobbi Kristina Brown was found facedown and unconscious in a water-filled bathtub, doctors performed a tracheotomy on the 21-year-old to rearrange her breathing tube, thus preventing infection. A family source told People it was a "normal procedure" but done only because there were no other options.

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Everything in regards to Bobbi Kristina's health still remains unchanged, but the family is still trudging along hoping for a miracle.

"Everyone's doing good," Bobby's wife Alicia Etheredge told a TMZ crew. "The prayers, we're grateful for them and keep them coming."

The devoutly religious family has essentially said that God will save Bobbi Kristina after doctors reportedly told them that there is nothing that they can do. Bobbi Kristina's father, for now, has still decided not to take his comatose daughter off of life support.

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"She is still critical and we don't know what the outcome will be," the source told People. "No one is giving up on this kid."

And that includes trying everything possible to help her out, which includes the tracheotomy.

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A second family source told People, "There's a medical reason behind [the tracheotomy], but it's making things clear to everyone how serious this is. Even if she wakes up, there's a possibility that this could do some damage to her vocal chords, I hear."

"This is happening because there are no other options," the source added. "If there was another way, Bobby would do it."