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Is it too early to hope?

A weary Bobby Brown stepped out of the Emory University Hospital on Feb. 5 as his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown clings to life. Tense and not talkative, Bobby was asked by Access Hollywood how his daughter was doing to which he replied, "She's good. We're praying."

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The brief comments come as the daughter he shares with the late Whitney Houston remains in a medically-induced coma. Krissy, as her family calls her, was found facedown and unconscious in a bathtub on Jan. 31.

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Bobby, who's birthday is Feb. 5, has been by his daughter's side around the clock, flying to Atlanta on a private jet the moment he got the news.

On the morning of Bobby's birthday, TMZ reported the doctors told him to take his 21-year-old daughter off of life support.

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As his daughter remains on life support, Bobby is finding strength in his family, particularly in his wife Alicia Etheredge, who it was reported is four months pregnant.

While rumors continue to circulate as to Bobbi Kristina's condition on Feb. 5 -- with several outlets reporting that she had been taken off of life support -- Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, was said to be traveling to Georgia.

Earlier in the week, a CNN source said everyone is "hoping for the best, preparing for the worst" and "praying for a miracle."