Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, and Christina Aguilera may not seem like they have much in common, but all three superstars were born on the same day, December 18 ñ of course, in different years. 2012 was also pretty big for all three of them: Pitt got engaged to longtime love Angelina Jolie, Holmes divorced Tom Cruise, and Aguilera released her seventh album, Lotus. And the coming year will be just as eventful for them, according to AstrologyZone.comís Susan Miller. Using the exact minute each person was born and in what city, she was able to chart which planets were where at that moment, which influences their lives.

ìThe one thing they all have in common since theyíre all Sagittarians is that this is the sign of the great storyteller,î Miller tells omg!. The sign is also very independent, she adds. ìIt really likes to say, ëI can do this by myself!í But this year, they donít have to. They should all do collaborations through June Ö and the second half is all about money that flows from those collaborations.î

For Pitt, there will be collaborations of two kinds. One will be career-related and will be very lucrative monetarily even through 2014, while the other will be of the romantic variety. Yes, it looks like he and Jolie will finally tie the knot! ìThey will be in the news in April, and May even more,î notes Miller. ìSomethingís going on here. Are they getting married? Sheís a Gemini, and 80 percent of brides marry within six weeks of their birthday [Jolieís is June 4]. Sheís getting married in June. And it will be perfect!î

When it comes to his acting career, Miller suggests the 48-year-old look more at period pieces if he wants to finally nab that Oscar. ìHe wonít get an Academy Award any time soon,î says Miller. ìA few more years. It could be the latter part of 2014 or 2015 or 2016. All those years are dazzling to win awards. He canít before that. The rice isnít cooked yet if you know what I mean.î But more so than an Oscar or multi-millions in box-office revenue, Pitt will be most revered for what heís done for the victims of Hurricane Katrina with his Make It Right foundation, and what the idea of creating affordable, sustainable housing will continue to do for those affected by natural disasters in the future. That, says Miller, will be ìhis lasting legacy.î

Relationships and money matters will also be at the forefront for Holmes in 2013. Now officially single since blindsiding Cruise with divorce papers in June, the 34-year-old will happily dip her feet back into the dating pool in April ñ and will not go for a man like her ex. ìShe goes for entrepreneurial types, self-made men,î says Miller. ìShe likes them to be strong Ö she wants a cowboy, a take charge kind of man. Heís very comfortable in banking, which she finds fascinating. He may even be an athlete, or had been in the military like a SEAL. She has some fun ahead! She should not jump into a relationship too fast Ö play hard to get! They will still be pounding on her door.î

Although Holmes and Cruise settled their divorce in late August, just seven weeks after they split, Miller thinks the money has yet to come to the former ìDawsonís Creekî star, but that it will in the next six months. ìI think she will do fine,î she says. ìFor some reason itís been held up. Maybe they had to sell some properties first, but I think sheíll get it in the second half of the year.î

Aguilera, 32, may be in a different place in her life than Holmes, but she too will see a big boost in the love and finance departments, the latter especially in January and April. ìSheís getting more and more entrepreneurial as she grows,î notes Miller, who wonders if she should go into something involving dolls. ìI bet sheís thinking up side businesses right now. Itís something very unusual and different, and sheís thinking about overseas. And she should, she should keep thinking global.î

The ìVoiceî coach falls in love easily ñ and people fall in love with her easily, explains Miller, due to her Aquarius rising sign (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus convenes with Venus, giving her great sex appeal). But she could take herself off the market in June and say ìI doî to her boyfriend of two years, Matt Rutler. ìShe should get married just a little bit before June 19, which is the luckiest day of the year,î says Miller. ìYou always want to catch something as itís going up the hill. The 19th is a Tuesday, but most people get married over the weekend. She has from the 8th until that weekend Ö that would be absolutely perfect for a wedding!î

First comes love, then comes marriage, and soon after will come the baby carriage. The pitter-patter of little feet will come back into her life (Aguilera has son Max, 4, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman) in the very near future ñ and Miller predicts it will be a girl! ìIt would be the second half of 2013 or beginning of 2014, and itís the best time of her whole life and sheís never seen anything like this before.î

For Brad, Katie, and Christinaís sakes, letís hope the planets all align as they should so these good things actually happen!

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