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In Brad Pitt's parents' home, guns were a kind of family heirloom. The "Fury" star recently sat down with Radio Times magazine where he opened up about the Pitt family's tradition of gifting firearms.

"There's a rite of passage where I grew up inheriting your ancestors' weapons," said the father of six (via the Daily Mail). "My brother got my dad's. I got my grandfather's shotgun when I was in kindergarten."

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Pitt, who turned 50 last year, went on to admit that he was actually in nursery school when he got his first gun -- an air gun (air guns shoot pellets of compressed air rather than bullets). At age 6, his grandfather gifted the young Pitt with his shotgun, which Pitt learned to fire by age 8.

"The positive is that my father instilled in me a profound and deep respect for the weapon," he said.

(Pitt's mother has openly expressed conservative political views in the past, voicing her support for Mitt Romney in 2012, along with her opposition towards abortion and same-sex marriage.)

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While Pitt did not elaborate on the gun ownership experience of his own kids, he did point out that he brought his family to the sets of "Fury," including Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire, England.

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Referring to his 13-year-old son, Pitt marveled: "Maddox knows so much about tanks, that when we first started on the movie, I was asking him for information."