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Looks like Brad Pitt will be spending more time with the kids.

Days before he was supposed to begin filming this week in Phoenix, Ariz., his Steven Soderbergh-directed baseball drama "Moneyball" has been put on hold.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Columbia studio co-chairman Amy Pascal "wasn't comfortable with the script," which had already undergone several changes since the movie was greenlit.

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The studio had given Soderbergh a short time to finalize a new deal, including the opportunity to try to settle with another studio. But over the weekend, he managed to secure a new deal with Columbia.

The studio will now re-assess what to do with the movie.

Soderbergh wrote the screenplay, which was adapted from Michael Lewis' nonfiction book about the Oakland Athletics and their GM Billy Beane.

Pitt was to play Beane, who famously assembled the team on shoestring budget with new technology to draft players.