Marley Kate / Maxim / Promotional 1 / 2
Marley Kate / Maxim / Promotional 1 / 2

What would the Amish community say? "Breaking Amish" star Kate Stoltzfus officially sheds the general notion of a clean-cut, bonnet-donning Amish woman for a sexy photo shoot in the upcoming issue of Maxim magazine -- and it's clear that any reservations the aspiring model might have had about stripping down are all in the past now.

In the sultry spread, aspiring model Stoltzfus, who made waves on the first season of the reality TV smash, shows off plenty of skin (and a toned belly!) in a strapless, cropped blue corset and high-waisted black shorts.

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The blue-eyed beauty even highlights her striking facial features with bright red lipstick and defined cheekbones. The reality star wears her hair loose to frame her face.

"Before I had even signed a contract with a modeling agency, I did a test shoot to see if I could photograph well," she tells the magazine, "and the first outfit they put me in was a bathing suit! I have to admit it was a little intimidating, but now I enjoy doing it."

In fact, last fall, insiders told Us Weekly that Stoltzfus may be taking her career in that direction, and away from the reality show that launched her into the spotlight.

"Kate hates her castmates from 'Breaking Amish,'" a source told Us of Stoltzfus' fellow co-stars Abe Schmucker, Rebecca Byler, Sabrina High and Jeremiah Raber. "She has no camaraderie with them, she can't really relate anymore. She has big dreams and they aren't in line with everyone else."

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Stoltzfus' impressive physique isn't unique to just her, though, she tells Maxim. Many Amish women, though traditionally covered from head-to-toe, do have impressive figures because "they work hard," she explains.

"They also eat healthy, since they grow their own food," she says. "That's one big thing I missed about home, being able to garden and take care of plants."


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