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Score one for Bristol Palin.

Last year, a man named Stephen Hanks heckled Bristol about her mother, Sarah Palin, in a Los Angeles bar during a shoot for Bristol's Lifetime reality show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

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Hanks was videotaped yelling, "your mother's a whore" and calling the elder Palin "evil." Bristol reportedly responded by hollering back at the man, calling him "gay" and refuting his comments about her mom.

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When he saw himself in an ad promoting the show, Hanks filed a defamation lawsuit against Palin and Lifetime, complaining that he had not signed a waiver for the show's right to use his image, and claiming that Palin's comments about his sexuality were detrimental to his reputation.

But TMZ now reports that the case has been thrown out. According to the website, the judge determined that the show was allowed to use his image due to the First Amendment, and that Hanks' privacy was never violated.

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Palin and Lifetime are not only both off the hook -- Hanks was also ordered to pay for Palin's attorney.