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by Melissa Hunter

After Britney announced she was making the trek across the pond for her European summer tour, she's already started to make arrangements. You know, like booking airfare, arranging a housesitter, installing a stripper pole into her London hotel ... just the basics.

According to London's Daily Mail (who seems less than thrilled for Britney's UK arrival), the singer has reportedly asked the Dorchester Hotel to install a stripper pole into her hotel suite. She's set to arrive in June, so that should give them plenty of time to find her the perfect pole.

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A source told the Mail, "'Britney loves pole dancing, it is her new favourite work out. She gets the toning that she needs without having to hit the gym, and she wants to be able to do it in the privacy of her own hotel room."

While an ambiguous Daily Mail source isn't necessarily the most reliable, we think there's something to this story. Pole dancing workouts are the new Pilates, and she pole dances in her show, so why wouldn't Brit want to pole dance in the privacy of her own hotel room?

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The source continues, "Keeping fit on the tour is very important as her show is full of rigorous dance routines, so Britney likes to do her pole dancing work out every morning when she gets up."

Who doesn't like a little pole dancing with their newspaper and morning coffee? We know we do. We're pole dancing right now, in fact.

Britney has also reportedly arranged a chef from the popular British restaurant Nando to be on call and is planning an exclusive Topshop shopping spree for her and her dancers.

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Shopping sprees, stripper poles, and personal chefs? We gotta say, this is pretty tame for our favorite pop princess. A few years back, it would've been the requisite neon-wig shopping, an installed spit for pig-roasting, and an endless supply of Hostess Snowballs. Keep evolving, Brit!