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By Melissa Hunter

Britney's hair bleaching session yesterday made headlines (inexplicably), but apparently Brit's return to her blonde days also means she's going back to a few other habits. Like reckless partying with Lindsay Lohan until 3 a.m.!!! It's over, guys. Her cleaned up days are gone. Break out the electric razor and the Flamin' Hot Cheetos, y'all, cuz Brit Brit is at it again!

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Wait actually, back up the hot mess train. The report says Britney went to a club at 2 a.m. where she "danced and chatted with Lindsay Lohan." Danced and chatted!? Get the frak out. An insider says, "There was no craziness, just a lot of fun and dancing." Ugh, fine. Un-sensationalize the story, insider. See if I care.

Lindsay told Life & Style (and this is EXCLUSIVE), "It was such fun!"

You guys need a minute? This is pretty heavy stuff.

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Lindsay also recently became a blonde, which is apparently for a Robert Rodriguez movie. OK, wait, Lindsay Lohan is working again and Britney's "breaking" reckless behavior is dying her hair and dancing in a club for an hour? If these bad girls stay on the wagon for too long, what's to become of smack-talking tabloids?

Stay tuned for the next Life & Style breaking news story: Lindsay Lohan adopts a puppy from a shelter, Mischa Barton pets it.