Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib showed his support for her ex-manager, Sam Lutfi -- or at least his side of the story -- in court on Tuesday.

The paparazzo, whom Britney dated for a brief time beginning in December 2007 -- shortly before her infamous meltdown -- answered questions under oath in Lutfi's trial against her parents Jamie and Lynne Spears Tuesday, Oct. 30.

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TMZ reports that Ghalib alleged under oath that Lynne tried to coerce him into publicly blaming Lutfi for Britney's troubled behavior. (The photographer didn't address whether or not he did as he was told).

Britney's father Jamie testified next, responding to Lutfi's allegations that the X Factor judge's legal conservator had once punched him during an argument. Jamie, for his part, explained that he "touched" Lutfi during a spat, but that it wasn't the violent hit Lutfi claimed.

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Lutfi is currently suing the Spears family for the backpay he feels he's owed as her former manager (the couple denies he worked for their daughter in any official capacity), as well as libel, citing Lynne's claims in her memoir Through the Storm that Lutfi kept Britney from her family -- and kept her drugged.

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